Founded in 2007 by Neo Ntsoma, an internationally-acclaimed photographer and media specialist, Neo Ntsoma Productions is a 100% black woman owned and managed visual communications and productions company – that delivers leading multimedia solutions, across most industrial and corporate sectors.

Her unique ability to portray powerful vision, has led to prolific publication with the likes of TIME (USA), Forbes Africa, CNBC Africa, The Star (SA), Sunday Times (SA), the Telegraph (UK) to mention a few.


Imagine telling your story with the same impact, iconic of the power of the press.

Engineered with the precision of harnessing complex, and often times technical industry-specific content, Neo Ntsoma productions is known to flawlessly cut to the core essence of your unique enterprise offering; with the cutting-edge savoir-faire of unparalleled newsworthy information architecture and reconnaissance.

Servicing the public and private sectors alike, Neo Ntsoma Productions has also transported niche categories and industry giants in the Mining, Civil Infrastructure, Chemical Engineering (Petroleum, Oil and Gas) Electrical and Aviation industries – to a whole new level.


Consolidated with expertise and innovative passion, the company is spearheaded by a deeply-rooted love for what it does. An extraordinary, awarded and significantly experienced team comprising; photographers, video technologists, editors, visual communication strategists, writers and consultants – provide dedicated, quality services that exceed the expectations of any client and targeted audience.


Empowered by numerous milestones — knowledge and insight into an ever-changing business landscape, results in finely-tuned, strategic and interactive solutions to elevate your brand, business, image and thus, reputation.

Neo Ntsoma Productions has been independently rated as a Level 1 Contributor for its Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment.