The photography industry is set to shape visual world views. Aspiring photographers are in dire need of mentorship that makes all the difference, to changing the industry’s global economic worth.

Empowerment encourages change.

Photography is the livelihood, of those who live on it. Our empowering workshops and leadership programs teach those who most need it, the art and business of photography.

Facilitating business seminars for creatives, we transfer imperative knowledge and sought-after skills with the premise of “turning your craft, into something valuable”, and also how one, can then navigate and penetrate the market.


Held online or face to face, of variable or fixed length, our one-on-one instructional sessions fuel the inspiration of photographers and equip them with individualised content and tutorship.

Specialising in Photojournalism, Documentary, Corporate and Editorial Photography, our expertise are applied to relevant areas of interest at any level. We also provide introductory workshop talks on getting to know the industry.

Mentorship and Coaching Mentorship and Coaching Mentorship and Coaching Mentorship and Coaching